WhatReallyMatterz was an idea derived from a long time observation of societal shift which started ever since technology took over and occupied peoples minds!

WhatReallyMatterz is dedicated to bringing awareness to issues which are going on in our communities and the society as a whole. Issues which affects our cultures and our children’s lives.

WhatReallyMatterz is dedicated to bring awareness to issues which should be voiced but because we have become a society of EVERYTHING being said OFFENDS us, people would rather mind their business and let things be.

WhatReallyMatterz is dedicated to bring awareness to issues which make people feel UNCOMFORTABLE talking about but are actually happening in our own back yards.

The purpose is to start the UNCOMFORTABLE DIALOGUES and find ways as a people or community to help each other overcome the STRUGGLES which are CRIPPLING our youth and our communities.

The stories discussed here will INSPIRE you, will make you QUESTION your BELIEFS and your LIMITATIONS but are hoped to IGNITE you to find your PURPOSE.

Nonetheless, the most important question I am hoping for you to ask yourself after watching or reading about these tremendous stories is; “WHAT REALLY MATTERS” about the story and “DOES IT REALLY MATTER?” or is it that as a people we are afraid of a changing society and are struggling with letting go of what we are used to? Or is there really a big problem that the society needs to pay attention to?

I hope you can join me in these self discovery journeys and share your thoughts! We are also accepting nominations for people in the community whose stories should be heard. Please email us at whatreallymatterzblog@gmail.com

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