What’s the best parenting advice you have ever gotten?


I don’t know about ya’ll but I had my babies too long ago that I can’t even remember what advice people gave me then. But really the answer to this question depends on whether the person is asking an expecting mother or one that has already had their brand new baby (newborn) because baby let me tell you something, the two scenarios are totally different. For the expecting mother, she is more excited to hear the advise while the mother that has a newborn and is currently in participation of what a baby really feels like, prolly is already up to her eye balls with frustrations LOL just playing.

Okay, but while I lack memory of what to expect with a newborn baby, I do however, have a few good tips I wanna share with you from my own experience and which I wish I knew about when I was a new mom. So, it’s been about five years since I had my 5 year old but it’s almost 15 years since I had my first born. So as you can see that’s sometime ago for me and I def buried all those pre and post baby memories, and that was done purposely Lol. Now, the few tips that I wanna share with you are like I mentioned previously the “I wish I had known this” type of tips and am hoping they will really be helpful if you are an expecting mom and even if you have already had your lovely bundle of joy!

Wait a minute though, I think I am actually starting to remember some of the advise I received from experienced moms when I was preggars!! Okay, it wasn’t much but some of the things were like to make sure I “sleep” when the baby takes his naps so I can avoid feeling “sleep deprived” and the other one was.., let me think…yeah, they also told me “there will be times when baby is gonna cry like crazy at night because he doesn’t wanna go to sleep but to just ignore the cry so I can train him to fall asleep on his own and not on my arms.” But boy, I knew this was gonna be a tough one when push came to shove.

So, of course the day came and I went on to have my baby. I was released from the hospital after three days which of course, made me super excited to finally sleep on my own bed as well as take a long shower in my lovely home. With that being said though, if you were to take a wild guess, what do you think I did next right after getting home from the hospital? Well, remember all that advise I received from experienced moms and friends? Well, unfortunately non of it sticked in my brain at all because as soon as day two came (while at home), BOOM! I started cleaning my house and doing laundry, literally two days later being home with a new baby.

I know it sounds weird and if you guessed well, I did end up feeling sleep deprived most of the time of course just like the moms had told me a situation which made me a little cranky. I wasn’t taking no naps whatsoever between doing chores and when baby was sleeping.

But truthfully, the things I wish people with kids could have told me though or warned me about babies should have been like maybe the “steps on how to stay calm and be patient when I felt tired or when I was dealing with a crying baby” coz my babies knew how to test my patience like real good. I don’t know if other moms feel and experience the same but whew!!

Anyway, without further due, let me share my best practices which I learned on my own while I was a new mom and which am continuing to practice now as an experienced mom to a little older kids!!

I am hoping that these few tips will be helpful whether you are an EXPECTING MOM or have a newborn already! So, let’s go;

First and foremost, take care of yourself!! What does this mean? Well, it means set a schedule for yourself and your baby. Once you do this, your family such as; your spouse and or other children if you have any will follow through. Trust me, when you have some sort of structure as a new mom, you will feels great about yourself and you will also feel like you’ve got things under control!! This therefore, will make things easier for you and your lovely newborn!!

Take your showers everyday in the morning as soon as you wake up and not at 3 in the afternoon. This could be done while baby is still sleeping or when he/she is awake. What you will do to ensure you are managing this task appropriately is you will seat your baby in his/her chair next to the shower so he/she can also enjoy that time with you.

Eat a good breakfast!! But some of you may ask HOW?? Well, with your baby sitting next to you if he/she is awake. These will be your most bonding time with baby. If you wanna do house chores, wrap your baby on your back/front however you would prefer but again make these moments count as your bonding moments with your baby.

Having this kind of structure will help you fulfill a few things like helping your baby also create that loving bond with you as well as getting used to the structure you have created. And, don’t forget to take those naps too when baby is taking his/hers.

And, one last tip I am gonna share with you is Practicing the ability to stay and be CALM!! There will come a time when you’d be feeling super Exhausted and not wanting to deal with baby but you won’t have any choice. I am sure you have heard the term BABIES DO CRY A LOT. Well, they really do. And, yours will too one day and you will look at your baby and wonder WTH! For instance; sometimes your newborn will just cry for no legitimate reason and the cry will be unstoppable. Yess!! Unstoppable. At times, this will be a moment where you are probably standing close by an open window and a thought might cross your mind which will temp you to wanna THROW the baby OUTSIDE. But YOU WON’T do that because you are already the best mom and instead, you will remind yourself to STAY CALM.

On some real note though, when you feel like you are having this kind moment, a madness moment, just stay calm. Take a look at your baby’s diaper to ensure he/she hasn’t pooped on himself or have a soaking wet diaper and also make sure he/she is not hungry. Calmly take the baby and lay him in his/her crib or put him in his/her chair and DO NOT LOOK BACK. Let him/her cry himself to sleep. If you are lucky to have family members around you, then at least you can have someone help you carry the baby.

But these my loves are the few wonderful tips I wanted to tell you! CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a mother and good luck on this new wonderful and so rewarding journey!!!!


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