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Parent’s!!!! I would love to hear from you! What’s that one trick about parenting which you always practiced on your kids which has helped them grow to be descent human beings? Or perhaps a trick which you are currently using on your little ones to help discipline them?

I would love if you can share with me and others people here on the blog!

I will go first and I am going to say for me, the best parenting trick has been understanding how to make deals with my boys when they want something but I don’t feel like they deserve it at least in that moment. I learned this from a parenting speech I listened to a long time ago about raising boys. The speaker was an older man and he said, if you are a mom and want to make your kids do stuff for you or do what you want them to do, JUST CUT DEALS with them. And, that advise really sticked with me because I knew raising boys was gonna be a trick in it self me being a single mom.

I also made myself learn a very good and significant habit called “CALMNESS.” But I will actually advise that this is a great habit to have if you are a parent or plan to become one and aren’t a calm person because children can test your patience.

I have also learned that as a parent, you will find yourself feeling a lot of different emotions such as; feeling frustrated, annoyed, angry, exhausted, the want to quit everything, saying a lot of NO’s, feeling guilty from an unexpected mean response to my kids even though it was my intention etc But I came to realize that having a structure for myself and my kids (when they were babies) made the whole family be able to adjust as well and help around a lot otherwise I would have gone sane.

These are just a couple of tips which worked for me but of course it’s exciting to hear what you have been doing to manage your life with kids!! Feel free to leave a comment below and I hope you have a blessed day 🙂


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