Ladies, have you been watching news lately? Are you seeing how scary people are becoming? Does this make you feel worried about your safety? I keep saying to myself I need to take a break from watching the TV and looking at Social media because it feels like not a day goes by where I don’t see something about either a woman been attacked or killed somewhere. 

It’s scary!! When I see such news and or the graphics of the attacks, I usually ask myself what would I have done had it been me in such a situation?

I think it’s easy though to separate myself by thinking well, but am never in dark alleys, streets or hanging around the wrong crowds or meeting strangers from online. Perhaps this could be what you are thinking and prolly saying to yourself. But no, you are wrong if you have ever thought this way even though the probability might be true. 

A few years ago my father came from Africa to stay with me for a little bit as he was waiting to under go a procedure for his eye. But while he was at my house he would see me going out very late at night on weekends and coming back in the house very late. Sometimes I’d coming from the office late in the evening where I’d also stop by the store to grab groceries. 

Like any parent, my father was always so concerned and worried when I would come home late at night. He would always ask me if I wasn’t scared being outside that late then ask whether I carried something with me for protection. But of course, I never did and yes, it was very stupid of me, I know. 

Well, my dad, being an old man and always shopping online like many other seniors, I came home one day to find him so excited. The minute I walked in the house, he started telling me about this package he had ordered online which finally came and so forth. From curiosity of his excitement, of course I asked him what is it that he had ordered? So, he pulled this little white box and said look!! I got you an alarm to put with your car keys!! 

I wasn’t expecting it was the little alarm that  was making him so excited but I guess it was actually just that and the fact he felt that I was now somewhat protected. It was a good moment of course seeing my father tso happy and excited. He went on and on about the alarm works and how great it would be to always have it on me all the time and so on and so forth.

I tell you no child is ever grown to their parent(s). They always want to protect us and be there for us as much as they can no matter how stubborn we are or have been as kids. 

With that said, of course,  I want to show and  share with you about this little alarm of mine as well tell you how you can order it! So you too can protect yourself and be safe! 

So, make sure you don’t miss watching the youtube video below as I am gonna be unpacking the alarm from its box and showing you the different feature on it and of course test it!! I will also put down the info on how you can order it.

I hope you stay safe and always equipped! 


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