What it’s like having COVID19 – Delta Variant


It’s almost what a year and half since we have been hearing about Covid19 and how bad it is and how you should keep safe etc but you probably have never met a person face to face who has had COVID19. Maybe you are wondering what is it really like to have COVID19? You probably wonder if COVID19 patients look any different from regular sick people like, maybe they grow horns on their heads or something! Am just playing but before I had COVID19, I was very curios and had a whole lotta questions because this virus has managed to put all of us on edge and paranoid.

I didn’t even believe I could have COVID when I went to get checked. Nope, not me. Because I thought I was and have been very careful and extra cautious about wearing my mask and washing/sanitizing my hands etc. But unfortunately the unrealistic thought became realistic that I actually caught COVID19- the deadly Delta Variant.

Going back home

Well, back in February, I packed up my stuff and took my 5 year old with me back home to Tanzania  just for a little rest as I was recuperating from a back injury. It was the peek of the virus spread in the States so, it felt like it was the perfect time to go back home and so, I was super excited.

Okay, truthfully, maybe I was a little scared even going home to Tanzania at this time because even in Tanzania people were overly worried but couldn’t talk about the virus due to what the President had declared to his people (he died a few months later unfortunately). So, people had fear of the virus but everything was under-wraps and for those who were more fearful did home remedies to take care of themselves. 

As you can picture the powerful from a national was enough to let people feel like everything was alright and that they can continue to go about their own business as usual. It was also kind of shocking because a lot of European and American foreigners that I met believed the same and agreed that there is no COVID. Matter fact that belief was what made them interested in coming into the country and wanting to establish a forever stay. It was amazing how people had uprooted their families from where they were to start a whole new life in a foreign country in Africa. It has just been amazing to watch and hear these different stories from all these foreigners.

Well, fast forward and back to my son and I, four months in the country, we of course took all the pre-cautions we had to anytime we went out or were around other people, we made sure our masks were on and washed out hands etc. But that was not enough because BOOM! I caught CORONA, the worst variant, the Delta Variant. At first I didn’t think it was actually COVID19 but maybe Malaria because the symptoms I was feeling were those of like Malaria. But of course when my lab results came back I indeed had Covid19.

But like two days before, I had this very dry cough and my family and I all made fun of me about it and what if it was COVID. Well, the cough continued but going forward it was getting heavier and worse. When I started coughing it felt like I couldn’t stop, I just coughed and coughed. Then I started feeling these sharp pains around my rib area (inside) and under my arms.

Is it Malaria or COVID19

I really couldn’t tell what was going on because I didn’t have no fever or headaches or nothing else. On the following day, I woke up so exhausted and still with the same sysmptoms, so that Wednesday afternoon, I called a bajaj (these are little quick motor bike like transport in Dar) which took me from my house and to where I could catch a uber. I got a uber and rushed to the hospital where I was checked for both Malaria and Covid19.

They told me I didn’t have Malaria, thank Goodness but I would need to wait at least a few days before my COVID test results are back as they get sent to the central lab (a Government Central lab). I said okay. But while I was still at the clinic, things started shifting.

I started having high, strong fevers so, I was feeling horrible!! I felt as if maybe throwing myself on the ground might help me feel better, I was in a crazy state with how felt coz it’s hard to even explain it. Tthe doctor wrote me some prescription to start using just in case I had Covid19 because she kinda suspected it was it.

Well, I got in back in the uber, got my prescription and went back to my parent’s house. Since this day, I got so sick!! I had high fevers at night, heavy coughing and the sharp needle like pains all over my body. I lost my sense of taste and was extremely exhausted.

All I remember wanting to do was lay down and sleep. But unlike other type of flu’s where it’s recommended to have A LOT of rest, with COVID19, it is the opposite. It is recommended that you don’t rest too much but walk instead and get outside, for fresh air.

Trying home remedies for relief

At this point, all my friends and family members were concerned and so they all pretty much became their own appointed personal doctors for me. Everybody had their own ideas of cures and what would make me feel better but while at the same time nobody really wanted to get any closer to me (too funny and very understandable). But I felt isolated and that was ugrrr.

This was the only time in my so far lifetime, I have drank so much lemon and ginger tea. This is the only time in my so far life that I have eaten things I never thought I would east like fresh Okra and olive oil boiled with curry in a tea. I know, I know, it get’s intense haha.

But they tell you home remedies are what’s good for a COVID patient to be able to recover. I became so desperate. You actually become desperate unfortunately.

The doctor’s office finally called me after 7 days and told me that my results for COVID19 came back positive but since it’s been so many days since I got checked, I should be feeling better by now and should even be able to go out if I wanted to and be about my business. I told the doctor unfortunately that’s not how I was feeling but that, I was actually feeling the worst.

I asked for a copy of my Covid19 test results but the doctor said NO and that she couldn’t provide those results to me because the Government does not allow patient to receive their results. I am not sure if they couldn’t provide back only the positive results or if it was even the negative results. But the doctor couldn’t give me a sensible or convincing answer to why I couldn’t have my test results back. So, anyway, I let it go.

Anyway, I kept using the home remedies for a while but I kept feeling crappy and wouldn’t feel any better. After a few days of not seeing any good results from all the rest I was doing and from taking the home remedies. I started having a hard time breathing so, I decided to go back to the clinic, it was a different doctor I saw this time.  She actually told me that my C-something test was really high which puts me in a risk of having blood clots and or stroke. She was shocked that I wasn’t put in the proper meds from the jump because they did some blood work as well and from the last time, I was at the clinic to the third time was just a week apart which means the results of my blood work must have been the same back then as of now. So, I told the doctor LISTEN, I am glad you recognized this shit so please let’s just get to what I am needed to do to avoid the damn blood clots and stroke coz ain’t no way am dying LMAO.

Avoiding Blood Clots using Blood thinners

Well, since then I have been using blood thinners and am waiting to return back to the doc in a week to see if I have progressed or if something else needs to be done. But a few things I have learned from catching COVID19 and from the research I have been doing is that;

–Once you catch COVID19, your body does build up that immune system to fight the kind of virus incase you catch it again but it also weakness a lot other stuff. It’s like a virus gets in you, you fight it and kick it’s butt but it doesn’t leave your body completely defeated, nooo.  It leaves you with some messed up shit for you to deal with as you go. Because since I recovered (well still recovering) my body doesn’t feel the same anymore. But so, far things have been going good.  From this sickness I was reminded so much of how quickly life can be gone from you. While sick I thought of my children 24/7, just about everything from what if they lose their mom to God give me my life back and I will do all I have to do, to be with my children and fam.

A few tips from the lesson learned

–Listen to your body!! It will tell you if something is not right. For instance: when you wake up in the morning or whenever, if you are not feeling good, go to the Doctor as soon as possible. DO NOT wait saying let me see/feel how the rest of the day goes. Things can get really BAD and it might be too late!

–Always have a Travelers Health Insurance. If you are planning to visit another country. Emergency medical care can get really expensive and costly in foreign countries when you have to pay out of pocket for everything

–Don’t believe the MYTH. Covid19 affects everybody Old and Young!!

–COVID19 symptoms are unexplainable. Don’t feel guilty because you can’t explain how you are feeling and if you are providing patient care be gentle and compassionate.

–Yes, you can die from COVID19!!

–Yes, you absolutely can recover from COVID19

–Please wear YOUR MASK!! Help you, help others.

–Getting Vaxxed. I have been on the fence about all the currently available Vaxx but it took a 3rd grade explanation from an ER Doc about the Covid Vaxx and how it works for me to feel a little convinced to where I can maybe see myself receiving the jab in the future. So, the choice and decision is still very personal for everyone

–Get up and walk! If you have COVID19 it is highly recommended to get out and do moderate walks as well as get some fresh air. This is to help prevent BLOOD CLOTS. Your lungs and other organs are already very weak and because you don’t want to puncture them or do any harm to them, do not do excessive or strenuous work outs/walks right after feeling relief from being sick

–Keep communicating with your doctor(s) about your status and your progress. Do not listen to fake doctors and what everybody else is saying to do or not do. This is to avoid anxiety and feeling paranoid!!

–Take your vitamins. Also, ensure to complete any COVID19 dosage your doctor prescribed.

Noticed side effects:

–Feeling like there is sand in the eyes after you have been sleeping for a while i.e. at night.

–Body odor changes from your usual/regular body odor

–Muscle aches

That being said, I hope ya’ll stay safe out there and we get through this quick coz I am over it!!!


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