I can’t with these kids!!


Seriously, if you are a mom of a 2-6 yro please, please help me understand what techniques you are using to not feel like you are going crazy or you are not insane because I am just over raising kids and being a mom. I feel like am done being patient and trying to be that understanding parent who put themselves in their child’s “shoes.”

See, I am not all the way bad. I still try to be optimistic that I am gonna have a handle on this one of these days by trying to read a lot about children and development, how to speak at their level instead of getting angry and just yell or punish them with a time out or strict discipline etc However, I am just over this calling. Seriously, it needs some mad patience and I feel like I don’t have nothing left in my bucket plus I don’t have the energy or how about I just want my me time, something like 100hrs!!!!

So, many times as a parent I wonder if I am best fit for this “mom calling” because raising my kids has been so challenging especially since I had my second one. As much as I love my children sometimes I just wanna drop them off at some random house and be like good luck and goodbye!

The crazy part is, I miss them when they are not around. Speaking of a toxic like mentality. Okay, let me explain. I think want I am trying to say is; I miss their presence when they are gone with their dad’s for the week/weekend. Sometimes, I feel guilty saying these things because I feel like am being a bad parent and am not grateful. But these are my real emotions and I do love my kids.

Sometimes, I look at those families or people who seem to be just perfect with their little kids/or kids and I think to myself what could I really be doing wrong. Why can’t I have the required patience and toughen it up? It almost feels like I just want my kids when they are not whining, not crying, not calling my name 24/7 with needs, not wanting me to entertain them and so forth but just when they can seat and either watch TV, Color a book, Read or when they can tell me a story about their day or something fun.

I’d be having a hard and busy day at work so in my head am thinking i can’t wait to get home and take a warm bath and relax for some time. However, the problem is the minute I get home and open the door everybody storms to the door saying “mom this, mom that, mom, mom, mom…,” a situation which makes me wonder if what all my kids did during the day was waiting for me to just open the door.

I am just trying to figure out how to do this parenting thing. I have good kids too but it’s their energy. How can I become more patient with myself, my kids and enjoy this journey with them. What are some of the things you do as a single mother or as a parent to ensure that you are enjoying the journey of raising your kids?


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