Healing after trauma


From childhood to adulthood, a lot of us go through so much; emotionally, mentally, physically and even spiritually. And, as we get older, the challenges of life keep getting bigger and so does life keeps getting harder. Due to daily endurance we try to achieve in order to protect our sanity and dignity from whatever the trauma was/is, in turn we become accustomed and start believing and convincing ourselves that oh well, it’s just what life is. What can we do now?

But what we forget to do is remembering that we are actually supposed to silence the brain/mind by finding healing and solace in the midst of all those challenges and chaos. Being able to do this allows us to not only feel the universe’s abundant blessings but we subconsciously start creating healthy and peaceful environments around us to protect the good energy we have acquired and are feeling inside.

Stop and Re-assess

Perhaps you are asking yourself but what is HEALING exactly, and how do I know that I need to heal? Well, in a world where there is so much going on and so much distractions, most people tend to automatically be on a survival mode a situation which doesn’t allow no time to consciously come back to your real REALITY mentally and STOP and RE-ASSES. Additionally, when we have gone through something that has caused us so much pain, being able to feel safe again and trust anything or anybody can feel like a struggle hence finding some sort of personal healing is really important. But as for me personally, I define healing as a state of peace within yourself.

It’s unfortunate but we are all broken in some way and some sort. But to distinguish the brokenness, for-some people, their trauma is from childhood while for some other, their trauma’s is that from adulthood. But either way, trauma is trauma, the most important thing is learning how to heal without placing any judgment on yourself while you are trying to dig deep down into your soul in an attempt to STOP the SUFFERING caused by these traumas.

Everybody is not okay

Have you ever looked around you sometimes and in your head wondered where does ANXIETY and DEPRESSION come from because all you see is normal, brave and smart human beings? Well, most of these issues are just a built up of these childhood and adulthood traumas we have been talking about. Fortunately, we are so lucky in this day and age there are is such a huge push for spiritual awakening and healing.

With that being said, there are so many resources available for those who want support. Depending with preferences you can find clinical support or regular therapies (spiritual group sessions) which provide appropriate support. Truthfully, sometimes all we need is a PRAYER OF HEALING and a circle of trust worthy friends (your tribe) whom you can share your inner most feelings and cuts with without feeling judged. And at other times all we need is the COURAGE to face and confront the person that hurt us. Either way, finding SOLACE and PEACE in your heart is the beginning of a HEALING process.

Here are a few tips that have helped me healed from my personal struggles; finding a skilled therapist for some good counseling. Listen, I know sometimes it might sound weak or that you are crazy for seeing a therapist but all you have to remember is you are doing what you are doing for you and nobody else. But it’s very important to understand the type of therapist you are wanting to see because all therapist have different specialization and different types of skills sets which help them to know what type of therapy to provide a person. Finding healing through prayers and fasting, reading self help books, writing on my blog and doing tending to my flowers, doing solo drives away from the city and all the noise while listening to my playlist, making a habit to encourage and speak kind words to others which actually makes me feel good inside, doing yoga and exercising in general.

With that said, I pray and wish you the best in your healing journey! I’d love to hear from you so feel free to leave a comment below or to send me an email at whatreallymatterzblog@gmail.com with your thoughts. One love!


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