Part 5: seeking Closure after a betrayal


I can admit and say personally, I give props to the women and men who have been cheated on by their significant other but chose to stay and work on their relationship/marriage because they are better and stronger than me in every kind of way. And, I will never say never of course, because there are some circumstances which sometimes make people have to stay and work together through difficult times like a betrayal so who knows maybe one day if this happens to me again I might be that person who is willing to work things out (phew Mary mother of God please put that cup way far from me haha).

But I know myself too well and I would say, it’s better for the other person to agree on going our separate ways unless they are okay with me to throw jabs related to their stupidity every now and then when am pissed off. I mean I wouldn’t be able to help it not happen. Sorry. And, yes, that means, I didn’t totally forgive them ouch…But even more so, it’s the fact that I know the type of person I am. I can forgive but I hardly can forget especially on issues of TRUST. That’s just my personality. That’s why am quick to take the high road and leave things and people where they are. 

But to go back to the moral of the story, these are the steps I took to get me to where I am today emotionally and spiritually FREE from hurt caused by a loved one’s betrayal. I feel great and I feel ready to start over again and find LOVE. I’m grateful to have been able to go through this emotional roller-coaster and got through it so I could heal appropriately and in my own space and time. 

I hope you too can do the same! Xo


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