Part 4: Should I get closure after a Betrayal?


Another book I read and also loved was The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, I can’t stress enough how helpful this book has been to me. It always reminds me how important it is to focus on what matters NOW not what mattered yesterday or which will matter tomorrow but NOW!! This book always helps me remember to control myself whenever I feel that my emotions are about to make me make some irrational decisions.

One of my other best favorites read is the book by James Allen called As a Man Thinketh oh my God!! If you are like me, a little too logical, this book is a must read. It brings you back to logical thinking while maintaining sympathy for self all at the same time. It’s an amazing read. And, one more thing, it’s on a day’s read, yess!! It’s that short yet so good. 

Okay, enough on books although I have read so many including the Seven languages of love, the Four Agreements, The Healing Self, the Tethered soul, I mean A LOT!! The list goes on and on. What books have you read? I need to add new great reads on my list!! So, I would love to hear if you are reading anything fun or self healing. So, don’t forget to comment below so I can check your list out. 

Step #4: Always find and make time to spend with yourself. Pick up a hobby. Something you have never done before or something you’d love to do but haven’t had the time to commit to. Designate at least an hour worth of doing whatever that something is. I for example, started training again at the gym. I always feel super sexy when I feel good and look good on the mirror. Plus, looking your best is the BEST REVENGE to the loser anyway!! You make them start wishing they could have you back but since you have moved on to better things, they can only wish in their dreams. 

Step #5: Find time to spend with your girl squad, go out to the bars, clubs and even travel if you can!! Do the ratchet shit ya know, but don’t be getting tangled up with no man or have one night stands. Have the girlfriend’s talk and let your girlfriends tell you how evil this man was to you from the jump. I mean we all know our besties just want us to feel better and don’t mean no harm talking bad LOL

Step #6: The most important step. At least it was for me. Get Spiritual and get with GOD or whatever you believe as your higher being. Doing this, helps you forgive yourself and stay grounded. I can not stress this enough. Feeling spiritual will help you see things in a whole different dimension and give you the peace you have been needing. You will fee at ONE with yourself. Also, look for places you can provide a helping hand like doing volunteer work or helping family and friends. Acts of kindness will always help you fee uplifted. 


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