Part 3: Does receiving closure after a Betrayal beneficial?


The reason, you need to cry and cuss and wonder is to allow yourself the permission to open the wound back up and feel that hurt the other person has caused you and go through it rather than stuff it on a shelf somewhere in your head/heart. Because by doing so (stuffing the feeling), you are not allowing yourself to start the healing process but rather you are allowing yourself to be able to revisit the emotional pain/hurt at a later time. But you don’t wanna allow that. Instead you wanna get over the pain. So, you have to be sure that you are ready!!

Step #2: Seat down and say it back to your self, “I feel like am going crazy or gonna go crazy, so it might be wise for me to see a counselor and get some therapy.” But what I also want you to do is to pretend like you are already sitting with a therapist and she/he is asking you the questions which you already asked yourself in your head and provided the correct answers to them. Because trust me, everything you have thought of or asked yourself about, will be the same things the therapist is going to ask you nothing less or more.

But once you have done this, pick up the phone and call a real therapist and schedule an appointment. The reason, you are gonna do this is not because you think the therapist is going to take the pain away or heal you somehow but the reason we seek therapy is because, so our thoughts and feelings can be validated by someone who doesn’t know us personally or know the other person personally. Someone who will not be biased toward our thoughts. Trust me, it’s going to feel so GOOD! Plus seeing a therapist helps you gain a few other tools that you might have not thought of but because you talked to a stranger, they were able to bring some other awareness to you. 

Step #3: Find a nice self help book or self development. I have a few which I really love(d). These great reads gave me so much relief when I was so down. While I read so many great books here are a few to mention and that I would recommend if you haven’t read them or are looking for a good read! Spiritual Solutions by Deepack Chopra. Most of the reads am going to mention as I go, are my all time favorites which I have had in my library for years. I love(d) them so much the first time I read them and could never put them away or too far from my night stand. So, anytime I feel like I need a good warm reminder for my soul to flourish again, I just reach for them quickly.


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