Splurging or Sparing on that man’s offer?


Listen, do I ask? Of course not! But do I always itch and want to, absolutely!! I mean, who wouldn’t like to know how much they can splurge?

But seriously ladies, if you have been seeing or dating a man for a little while and he offers to take you shopping how do you usually respond? Do you smile and say, Thank you, or Do you tell him he is amazing or Do you act shy?

Does a man lose respect for a woman who shops excessively?

I have always been curious and wanting to know the proper way to respond to such a gesture. Personally, my typical response is I freeze up and then smile. I think I do this because I am overthinking things. But I also get super excited inside however, my EGO would never let me jump up and down like a little girl and make a fool of myself. So, for that I am always grateful for my EGO.

But if we do a quick check on a typical man, I am sure we will all agree to disagree that most men would prefer stacking their money rather than buying material stuff. So, when a man offers me a shopping spree, in a split second my overanalyzing brain does this; starts scaling all the events/dining we have done together so far, what his place looks like, what he does for a living and if he has complained about people, money or family in the past. What kind of car does he drive and what his dressing has been like. Then I quickly calculate which bracket to place his budget.

What do most women prefer? Money or Looks when it comes to guys

I have noticed I do all this subconsciously. But no doubt my reasoning for this is so that I can satisfy my visualization for which stores I want go and shop at first. I now feel JUSTIFIED.

But why do men do this and not provide the budget? Is this a determinant for who they can see a future with? Boy if so, then I have been doomed coz I will shop a whole store. I look at this as the man’s fault, they should be more specific.

Ladies spill the tea. Also, make sure to check out the Podcast page for the video discussion about this.


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