Part 2: Are closures beneficial after a BETRAYAL?


It took me a whole year and half after being betrayed to finally feel like I was over a person I really loved and cared for so much. Trust me, so many times I wanted to rush through the healing process but for some reason it didn’t work for me and I know it’s because of the type of person I am. I needed time to process the situation in my head and on my own. I needed to allow me the time to feel all the pain in order to heal properly. I needed to go back and and forth with myself on the many questions I had in my head and luckily I was able to provide myself the answers I needed because they were in front of me. I needed to allow my heart to heal on it’s own time in which it did. I needed to allow my heart the time to decide to forgive myself and the other person. I could not just burry stuff in my heart and move on. I am an extrovert!! We don’t work that way. 

Anyhu, I was able to put a few tips and tricks which I used to heal myself and my soul! Therefore, I thought why not share them publicly because maybe they could help someone like me or someone you know that is going through a similar situation. But before I go through the tips, I would like to mention one most important thing to keep in mind which is; WE ALL HEAL DIFFERENTLY! So, don’t rush your healing process. It might have taken me a year and half to heal from my situation but for you or another person, it might take six months or two years or maybe five (ppssst…hopefully nobody is worth that long to heal from). 

as long as you are evolving and becoming a new person, that’s what matters the most during a self healing process. Always remember that!!

So, step #1: Cry, Cry, Cry and Cry some more. Then, Cuss, Cuss and Cuss some more. Then Wonder, Wonder and Wonder some more as to why could this be happening to you! You can scream all you want, punch a bag, cry quietly in the covers or punch the pillow. You whole heartedly have my support!! Who the hell does he/she think she is to do this type of shit to you? Stupid ass h**!! Go on…because this is actually the most important part of starting your healing process and I will tell you why in a minute.

But one thing I want to mention real quick before I forget is; you don’t want to txt the other person any mean things or how pity you feel about yourself while in this heated moment. The reason being, this phase will pass and you don’t wanna look stupid to yourself or to the other person. So, all those mean txt’s and self pity messages you can still write them but make sure you send them to yourself.


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