I am a year away from turning 40 and phew!, I can understand now the real meaning of “The Fountain of Youth!!”


I feel the pressure, I feel the pressure to stay young!!! Honestly though, let’s talk about the anxiety of getting older. I never thought I’d be the one to trip over getting old but here I AM!! I am so obsessed with my looks especially my face like I can’t even explain it. It’s that BAD my friends!!

Now they say black don’t crack. Whether that’s true or not, I still can appreciate the statement!! But here is why I am obsessed with how my facial skin looks. I am looking into starting to date again and you know, ya girl wanna look her best okay!! I am not here to compete with the young chicks but hey I gotta up my skin game either way LOL. I mean the first thing you or other people look at when you first meet a person is…THEIR FACE right? Well, that right and I don’t wanna look scary LOL.

Okay jokes aside and onto to serious business. I grew up a tom boy and for sure, I never really cared about girly stuff plus most of my friends were and have always been guys even in my adulthood. But things started turning around when I was in college. I started trying make up and cute girly clothes and of course physical appearance was so important to me at that time in my life which meant, I could never miss a gym session. I know it’s kinda weird for one to give herself props but this time I am going to say it!! I was a total bomb in collage at least I think and of course I loved all the attention I got! Just like any other young girl who was at my age in those days, looking hot and drawing attention was such a satisfaction and the whole point of existence and going to college hello!!. I really enjoyed and loved every moment of it.

Fast forward 16 years later. A whole woman and a single mom, I think I am a disaster. I don’t know if it’s just me being self conscious and realizing I am getting up in age, so subconsciously I freak out and want to know how my skin looks like or if it’s really CREPEY and SAGGING, or if this kind of tripping happens to most women in their late 30’s??? I tend to check my FACE so often, I think it’s ridiculous. I mean every time, whenever I see a mirror I have to look at my face!! And, most importantly I look at very specific areas like around the eyes and around the ears because I know for sure these areas are like the frailest places on a human body ughh so, are prone to looking crepey as soon as the whistle of old age goes off SMH.

Anyway, so I decided in order to not stress my skin as I am stressing myself, I am gonna invest on my face by going CREME DE LA FACE window shopping. So, I have been doing some research and found some amazing low budget to high end CREMES for ya girls face!! But I because I am a sharing person, I wanted to put all them creams out here so you too can share your thoughts on them if you have used them or have heard of them. What do you like about them etc. You can comment down below on the comment section.

So, for me, when I go buy anything to apply to my face I focus on these few main things because it’s really important to first know your skin type i.e. if it’s dry or naturally moisture or if it’s semi dry/moistured. For example; I have a semi dry/moisture skin so these are the few things I look for in a good cream for my skin.

The amount of MOISTURIZER it would give my FACE.

Retinal which helps in cells rejuvenation

Chemicals in the creme which won’t bleach my skin in the process

and lastly but most important COST. Is it realistic and am I getting what I am willing to pay for?

See we do so much to our skin when we are young without knowing that such things like cheap make up, creams etc can actually kill the skins cells and make the skin look much older or have the tired look and feel to it as we get up in age. But it’s never too late of course to start on a good facial skin care regimen. Beauty companies are coming up with major facial rejuvenation creams and other products which are facial skin focused like it’s going out of style. While some of these facial products could be way cheaper compared to highly known brand names, in all honesty I believe in a good investment especially if it’s about my FACE o’kay!!

Anyway, on a serious note though, once you hit the 30’s, small changes start happening to your skin and body. Nothing major of course but changes that are small but big enough for you to notice especially if you have had kids. Some people their skin clears up where as some their skin breaks. Some get dark spots etc. I think my skin actually did the opposite after I had my first child. It broke like crazy, I mean phew. I went to a skin care doctor and all but still my hormones where just not giving me a break when it came to my face. Some people told me to stop eating tomatoes because they were acidic, some people said to stop eating things with oats, some said stop eating butter and foods with oils. I meant the list goes on and on. And I did stop for a while on doing a lot of the recommended stuff. But I had also given up and when I came to notice that my skin was looking so good, I couldn’t tell what it was that I did or used to make it clear.

All those products you see in pictures are all the products I have used at one point in my life for my facial regimen but the two products I can’t say enough about and I have been in love with lately is the Dior facial products hands down!! They are kinda pricy but it’s all worth it. I am living example. I wish I had a before and after picture to post but maybe I will find one and post one of these days.

So, for night I use the One Essential Skin Boosting Super Serum followed by the Dior Capture Totale cell energy moisturizer. And, in the morning I am a different person. My skin looks so healthy and energized. While they are a great product they don’t have the retinol in them. So, you kinda have to buy that separate from maybe other wonderful companies of alike. The one I have been wanting to get is the Gold something from Estel Louder. I hear it’s a wonderful product but I haven’t yet used it so I can’t say much about it. Anyway, are you in your late 30’s or in your 40’s +? What skin care do you use or have you used and swear by? I would love to hear your thoughts on best facial skin products that you use. You can comment on the comment section below! Xo.


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