Worried & Anxious about getting Older? You are not alone!!


Getting older has never been an issue for me that I have ever worried about, never. But I am in an intense internal self pressure to wanna look young and I don’t know why. For some reason knowing that I am going to be turning 40yrs old next year, somehow my brain is can’t handle the fact hence it’s on a turmoil. I really don’t get it.

But honestly though, is this normal? To feel anxious? Anybody?? Help!! I never thought I’d be the one to trip over getting older or old but I guess I AM!! I am all of a sudden so obsessed with my looks especially my face. I can’t even explain it because it’s not normal at least for me. I so get it now when I hear older women talk about INVESTING IN YOUR SKIN with the best skin care products. It’s making so much sense now.

Anyway, jokes aside so l can tell you a little bit about me. Truth is I grew up a tom boy which means there was no time for girly stuff in my life coz around guys all the time. But of course, things shifted when I went to college where I roomed with girly girls. So, before we would go to class, it would take my roommates so long to get ready coz they had to look so pretty before going to class. To me, watching them was fascinating but also, that’s actually when I started learning to do make up etc my self and turned into the woman I am today who loves make up and everything beauty. One thing though I wish I should have learned and paid more attention to was about my skin and the importance of really taking good care of it.

Fast forward 16 years later. Am a single mom and I am thinking and looking into starting to date again and you know, ya girl wanna look FRESH. And, while I am not planning to compete with the young chicks but hey, I still wanna glow and look good! It’s scary coz lately I have noticed I tend to inspect my FACE frequently. I think I am afraid that I might see a wrinkle or something and I think it’s ridiculous. I mean every time, whenever I see a mirror, I feel like I have to look at my face and I look at very specific areas like around my eyes and ears. It’s bizarre.

But anyway, while they say black don’t crack, am afraid to hold on to that statement therefore, I am on my way (on line shopping) to find me a good product as well as hoping that I also got them good genes, coz o’lord am tripping and stressing myself too much which is probably not the best thing to do at this fragile time of my life as stress could cause the wrinkles I am afraid of to actually form on my face. Anyway, after doing a little research it seems like maybe I am not too late after all coz some of the products which were highly recommended by most people I have actually used them in the past. So, I guess for me those are good news!! Before I forget though, If you have used any of the products I have posted and shared on this topic please please share your thoughts and what you liked about them on the comment section down below.

Very quick, here are a few tips of the few things I do first before I purchase a product which am gonna use on my skin especially if I am gonna spend a lot of money. It’s important to understand your skin type and whether you have a dry or oily skin, because that means your options are gonna differ. For example; I have a semi dry/moisturized skin so, I usually stay on the “needing” more moisturizer for my FACE. Another quick tip to look for in good products is the Retinol. This helps with cell rejuvenation. I also look for the types of Chemicals that are in the product because some product may bleach your skin and I wouldn’t want that. The lat tip is the cost of the product and whether it’s worth it.

Beauty companies keep coming up with major facial rejuvenation creams and other products which are facial skin focused and while some of these facial products could be way cheaper compared to highly known name brands, in all honesty I’d rather spend some good money and know that the product is 100% especially if it’s gonna be goin on my FACE. Most of these highly recommended products you see on the pictures I have posted are all the products I have used at one point in my life. The two that I have gone back to lately and can’t say enough about is the Dior brand hands down!! They are kinda pricy but it’s all worth it. I am living example. I don’t have a before picture to post but I tell ya, it’s and AMAZING product and well worth it.

So, for night I use the One Essential Skin Boosting Super Serum followed by the Dior Capture Totale cell energy moisturizer. When I wake up in the morning, my face is totally different. My skin feels so youthful and so fresh. I usually don’t wear foundation but I add some more Capture Totale moisturizer and I am ready to go. The only disadvantage of this particular Dior product is that they don’t have a retinol in them. So, you kinda have to buy a separate product that you can apply that has retinol or just straight retinol oil. The one I have been wanting to get is the Gold something from Estel Louder. I hear it’s a wonderful product but I haven’t used it yet so I can’t say much about it. If you have a skin routine, I would love to hear from you. Just comment down below and also, if you are in your late 30’s or in your 40’s.


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