The Fountain of Youth: The health of your face matters!


I feel the pressure, I feel the pressure to stay young!!! Honestly though, let’s talk about the anxiety of getting older. I never thought I’d be the one to trip over getting old but here I AM!! I am so obsessed with my looks especially my face like I can’t even explain it. It’s that BAD peeps.

But I will tell you why I feel the obsession; I am looking to start getting out there and meeting handsome faces so I wanna look like a young chicky ya know!! I mean hello?? What’s the first thing you or other people look at when you first meet a person? THEIR FACE right? Well, I don’t wanna be scary looking then LOL. But on a serious note though; I grew up a tom boy and for sure, I never really cared about girly stuff plus most of my friends were and have always been guys even in my adulthood. But things started turning around when I was in college. I started trying make up and cute girly clothes and of course physical appearance was so important to me at that stage in my life which meant I could never miss a gym session. I was a total bomb girl and of course I loved it!! Looking beautiful and drawing attention just like any other young girl who was at my age in those days, satisfied the whole meaning of existence. I really enjoyed and loved every moment of it.

Fast forward to me today as a whole woman and a single mom, I think I am a disaster. I don’t know if it’s just me being self conscious and realizing I am getting up in age, so subconsciously I freak out and want to know where my skin is starting to look CREPEY and SAGGING, or if this kind of tripping happens to most women in their late 30’s??? I tend to check my FACE so often, I think it’s ridiculous. I mean every time, whenever I see a mirror I have to look at my face!! And, most importantly I look at very specific areas like around the eyes and around the ears because I know for sure these areas are like the fragilest places on a human body ughh so, are prone to looking crepey as soon as that old age whistle goes off SMH.

Now, they say BLACK DON’T CRACK and I do actually believe in that however, I know nature has it’s ways and eventually the skin does crack at some point unfortunately. Anyway, so I decided in order to not stress myself out to a much faster sagging and crepey looking skin, I am gonna go on a CREME DE LA FACE hunting trip. And, voila!! After doing a little research, I found some amazing low budget to high end CREMES FOR YA GIRLS FACE!! But I wanna share them with you so we can all have the GLOW & BEAUTIFUL LOOKING FACES!! What I focused on in my hunt for good creams were these four things;

  • The amount of MOISTURIZER it would give my FACE
  • Retinal which helps in cells rejuvenation
  • Chemicals in the creme which won’t bleach my skin in the process
  • and lastly but most important the COST. Is it realistic and am I getting what I am willing to pay for?

See we do so much to our skin when we are young without knowing that such things like cheap make up, creams etc can actually kill the skins cells and make the skin look much older or have the tired look and feel to it as we get up in age. But it’s never too late of course to start on a good facial skin regimen. Beauty companies are coming up with major facial rejuvenation creams and other products which are facial skin focused like it’s going out of style. While some of these facial products could be way cheaper compared to highly known brand names, in all honesty I believe in a good investment especially if it’s about my FACE o’kay!!

Anyway, on a serious note though, once you hit the 30’s, small changes start happening to your skin and body. Nothing major of course but changes that are small but big enough for you to notice especially if you have had kids. These could be; getting stuck on a weight block and not being able to lose it as fast as you used to, not feeling motivated to be active, having a sweet tooth for snacks and so forth.

But don’t ever feel like you are over spending when it comes to investing on your health that includes the products you feel would be best for your skin. All those products you see in pictures are all the products I have used at one point in my life for my facial regimen but the two products I can’t say enough about and I have been in love with since day one is the Chanel facials and the Estee Lauder products hands down!!

what’s your facial skin regiment to look youthful and healthy?


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