Listen!! I didn’t know a thing about panic attacks until corona


Well, by now we all know Corona Virus is by far a problem. But how real is the real problem? Well, unless you know someone who had COVID 19 or died from it, you are on the same boat as me just going off of what we are being told by the health officials who have seemed to gain popularity by appearing on the news channels on TV.

But to be honest, it seems like nobody can tell what COVID 19 is. Even the top health officials are very general and vague in their briefings. That makes me believe nobody really knows anything about COVID 19 and it’s sad because we are living with the UNKNOWN. It’s just been speculations after speculations which have increased the scare of what really the virus could be a situation which has allowed a massive influx of conspiracy theories.

I remember the last time I was so fearful of a disease was when I was about 7 years old in the late 80’s. All I can remember was, seeing rock and roll artists on magazines and hearing people quietly talking about the new disease in town aka HIV. I would hear my mom telling our house helper to make sure we ate because she was going to be a while as she would be putting on her traditional attire called Khanga to get ready to go to so and so’s house to give her condolences because somebody she knew died. Later on I would hear people or my mom quietly talking about the diceased cause of death which of course was always HIV/AIDS. Even in the Western world there was a stigma about HIV/AIDS then so, the scary sensation always felt like a chill winter with an overcast. Ahh, it was always scary for me as a child and COVID 19 has felt nearly the same in comparison.

But to take hold of the scary situation and not letting the unknown of COVID 19 shut me down completely, I decided to take matters on my own hand and as the old saying goes; knowledge is power! So, I started doing my own research just so I could calm myself down from being paranoid. But, little did I know I had opened a whole can of worms!! The knowledge I was seeking became real extra powerful than I had imagined. I learned so much from very credible people which made me question a lot about A LOT of things. I am talking about everything from the FOOD I consume everyday to the TECHNOLOGY I can’t live without.  

But reality is the whole Globe is in FEAR of this virus. However, like I said in the begging of this article that the scary part is even doctors & healthcare workers in general don’t even know what exactly to test for when conducting these “COVID 19 tests” instead they have to do a “general” test which has been referred to as “Flu” like test. 

Let me not say much but allow me to share with you this incredible video I watched from a very well known and incredible top Dr. Rashid Buttar enlightening the world about Corona virus and what we really need to know about what’s going on in our world today.

What did you think after watching that eye opening video? Personally, I was like wow!! So, I was inclined to know even more. But this time I wanted to see what wealthy and knowledgeable independent people are saying about this Covid issue and voila it didn’t take long, I found one. This time I wanted to know what the “elites” are doing that a regular person like me has no clue about. I was more eager in connecting the dots and understand what is really behind this virus? So, let me share this video with you of an interview done with the famous Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki.

I don’t know what to tell after watching these videos, I don’t know about you! What are your thoughts? Before I end this discussion though, I want to also share that there is no agenda behind sharing these videos. I am only sharing them to educate and allow you as an intelligent individual to digest this COVID issue a little and to stay woke.


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